Welcome to Conflicting Thoughts, a blog by us, Siân Robinson Davies and Emma Leach, for our joint Creative Lab residency at Glasgow CCA. From 1-30 September 2011 we were exploring conflict and how it is reported, described and mediated, with particular focus on Scottish history, current debates around devolution and the Celtic and Rangers football team rivalry as symbols of entrenched conflict.




We are collecting stories that highlight the unpredictable nature of protest. This could be protest in the sense of an organised march or, more broadly, defending a belief or voicing a disagreement. We are looking for anecdotes of confusion, subversion and surprise.

We are interested in stories that include an unexpected change to the meaning of the protest, where groups of protesters are marked out by their differences rather than their unity, where there has been a disruption to the usual protest formula, and more…

If you have an anecdote that might fit in our collection or any other questions about the project, please get in touch. Short, unpolished texts are welcomed.

To read examples visit the Protest Stories Collection page.
Contact us at sianis@hotmail.com and hello@emmaleach.co.uk

To find out more about us please visit: www.emmaleach.co.ukwww.sianrobinsondavies.com